Converting ETH to Polygon ETH (WETH)

After you have unlocked approvals, you may see the buy button turn to "Insufficient Funds" even though you know you have ETH.  Don't panic!

NFTs on the Polygon network use Polygon WETH and not Mainnet ETH  to avoid gas costs.    You just need to bridge your ETH to Polygon WETH - (NOT METAMASK WETH!)

There are many different bridges out there that hold pools of both Polygon WETH and Mainnet ETH and transfers between them.  We recommend the following below. Note: this does cost a bit of ETH in gas as you are doing a transaction in ETH so feel free to shop around.

Suggested Methods
- Hyphen Biconomy -
- Umbria Bridge -
- If you're playing within Zed, you can click on your wallet and click transfer. Make sure you're sending from the Etherum Network to the Polygon network

Let us know if you have any issues!