Dealing With Banned/Suspended Horses in Zed

As many in the ZED community has seen, ZED has begun to temporarily and permanently ban some horses from racing.  After internal discussions, Hawku has adopted the following policy on how to deal with banned and suspended horses in Zed:

  1. Hawku will not be marking or banning temporarily banned horses. These horses will be allowed to race after a short period (one week) and Hawku believes this constraint is pretty consistent with a horse being sold while in stud.
  2. When notified by Zed, Hawku will mark and ban permanently banned horses from the marketplace.  They will not be available for listings or bids.
  3. Hawku will not be tagging horses that may have had stats influenced by illegal or unethical racing behavior. Hawku has decided we do not want to be the arbiter of deciding which horses have stats padded and which do not, as it quickly becomes a subjective tag.  Instead, Hawku will be displaying and summarizing the official data provided by and will leave research of horse performance to buyers and sellers.

We always recommend that buyers do their research before buying horses. This includes looking at the maximum level of the horse as well as viewing the details of races a horse has participated in to gauge competition levels and identify any illegal patterns. We understand that race stacking takes many forms, both legal and illegal and can be obvious or subtle. Ultimately, we are leaving responsibility of determining horse stats padding to the buyers and sellers.  In short do your own research and realize there are enough players in ZED that if a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.