Hawku Affiliate Program

Information on Hawku's affiliate program incentive for tools providers

Hawku is the leading game marketplace on Polygon, a blockchain network designed for gaming. At Hawku, we strongly believe that a thriving ecosystem of third-party tools and content is critical to the success of any game. We also believe that those tools and content should have ways to be viable businesses, which is why we created our affiliate program.

The Hawku Affiliate program allows approved sites and properties who follow the guidelines of the affiliate agreement to receive up to up to 50% of the Marketplace fee for listings and bids made as a direct result of their link. Affiliates can be any tools or content that helps the community, such as 3rd party analytics tools, blog posts, twitch streams, and more.

If you have an existing tool for a game that Hawku supports and would like to be included in the affiliate program, please contact support@hawku.com. We are always looking for new and innovative tools to add to our ecosystem, and we believe that our affiliate program is a great way to help support these tools and their creators. Join us and be a part of the thriving Hawku community!

Zed Tools Affiliates
Know Your Horses - https://knowyourhorses.com/
ZLead - https://zlead.vercel.app/
ZSim - https://zsim.run/
ZedRacer - https://zedracer.com/
Rainier Racing - https://rainierracingco.com/
LIR Syndicate - https://zedleague.io/
OTB Run - https://otb.run/
CryptoSonar - https://www.twitch.tv/cryptosonar
Novus Earth Control - https://www.novusearthcontrol.com/
ZedCenter - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyj_hWwvAX8jtPL7jRqXnIQ

The Red Village Affiliates
TRV Tools - https://www.trvtools.com/

Crypto Unicorns Affiliates
Ready2Evolve - Discord