Hawku Beta Marketplace!

We are so excited to announce the public version of the Beta Hawku Marketplace.  


  • You can now buy and sell horses directly on Hawku!
  • Hawku is using the same blockchain technology as sites like Opensea to facilitate sales (0x Protocol ).
  • To get started, you need to log in on Hawku and give the marketplace contract we are using (0x Protocol) approval to facilitate the transactions.  If you have problems getting MetaMask working for this, we have written a blog post to help you make your Polygon Metamask experience faster.  Like Opensea, you will only need to make a Polygon transaction the very first time.
  • The Hawku Marketplace already has hundreds of listings and has been tested with numerous sales in its private beta. (UPDATE: 48 hours later the Hawku Marketplace has over 4000 listings!)
  • Hawku will no longer be including Opensea listings for migrated horses.  We will still be showing Opensea listings for legacy listings.
  • This is still a Beta!  We pushed this up early given the problems with Zed contracts we have not included all the functionality we wanted like Similar Listings/Sales, notifications and bidding/responses.  These will be coming shortly.  Also, if you see any bugs or have any issues, please have patience and email support@hawku.com. We will do our best to fix it quickly.
  • The Hawku Marketplace Commission has been set at 2%.

Announcing the Beta Hawku Marketplace

We are so excited to announce the public beta of the Hawku Marketplace!  This project has been many months in the making and we are so excited to make the Beta Marketplace publicly available.  This is an important first step not just to better serve the Zed community and also achieve our vision of a marketplace dedicated to utility and gaming NFTs where the NFTs value is based on the performance data of the token and not just its aesthetics and rarity.

Why Beta?

Our original plan was for a mid-March public release but with the sudden changes to the Zed Contract and Opensea's issues we decided to burn the midnight oil and launch our Beta Marketplace publicly a few weeks early. As a result we have launched with less features than we had intended and instead plan to continually add features as we develop and test them.

What does this mean for me?

You can now list, buy and sell Zed horses directly on Hawku's website!   No need to go to external pages to complete the transactions.  Hawku's commissions are 2% and all Hawku listings will appear on our listing page and be filterable by all Hawku users. We will soon be providing APIs to all Zed tool providers so they can share up-to-date listings information. Horses on the Hawku Marketplace are indicated by a checkmark.

Feature-wise, you can now also view a horse's sale history on the horse detail pages. The sale history combined both the pre-migrated and post-migrated horse data.

Right now you can only list and buy but you will soon be able to bid, respond to bids, make private listings, automatically have bids paused when a horse races, and quickly get sale and listing information about similar horses.

How do I get started?

You can get started by going to www.hawku.com and either listing your horses or clicking buy on any checked horse.

First time users to our marketplace will need to make 2 approvals to the marketplace protocol we are using.  Once those approvals have been granted you will be able to list and buy without spending gas making a Metamask transaction.   We recognize Metamask is having some issues with Polygon recently so we wrote a blog post on how to change configurations to make MetaMask work with Polygon again.

Is this Safe?

For our blockchain marketplace technology, we have integrated the 0x-Protocol. This is a well-used, battle tested set of smart contracts that facilitates transactions between wallets. 0x Protocol is used on multiple exchanges and is the backbone used by Opensea for their Polygon marketplace. You can read more about our technology (i.e. we are big on Elixir)  and design decisions in a future blog post.

What about Opensea Listings?

Given the timing of our launch and the complexity of supporting multiple contracts, we have made the decision that Hawku will not be showing Opensea listings for migrated Zed horses.  

Hawku will not be showing Opensea listings for migrated Zed horses.  

Given the number of  listings for horses that have not migrated, for now Hawku will continue to show Opensea Listings for non-migrated horses.  

Hawku Listings and Bids support both the non-migrated and migrated horse contracts.

What do I do if I find a problem?

We will be setting up a better support system but for now, if you find a problem please email support@hawku.com or contact us on twitter at @hawku_com or Discord.

What's next?

We have a lot of great features and functionality planned for the marketplace moving forward including bids, similar horse sales and listings, notifications and more!  If you have suggestions you can email support@hawku.com as well!

What else?

I want to personally thank our amazing team of developers who literally worked around the clock to get this marketplace out faster (especially given we were given  only a few days notice about the Zed contract change).  They are definitely heroes. I also want to thank the fearless beta testers who put their wallets to the test listing buying and selling real horses as we figured out the kinks.

Happy shopping and please don't forget to feed your horses!