Hawku Category Sales Stats

Hawku Category Sales Stats

Hawku, the largest marketplace for gaming and utility NFTs on Polygon, is excited to announce updating per-game category sales stats!

As games emerge, we have found that communities have valued different groupings (or categories) of NFTs differently. Players of racing games like ZED.run value un-raced genesis tokens far higher than a raced token.  Other games like CryptoUnicorns value unbred unicorns much higher than unicorns that can no longer breed.

With Category Stats, players now easily get a curated marketplace summary for any of these categories with sales and trends of the last 24 Hours and 30 days as well as current floor prices.

  • For  ZED.run, players can now see the floor price and recent activities of say Z8 Genesis unraced or Z7 Genesis Unraced.
  • For The Red Village, players can see recent sale stats for winning champions (aka champions  with win rates > 55%)
  • For CryptoUnicorns players can see sale trends and current floor price of unicorns that have never bred.

We believe these category stats will give both experienced and new players a better understanding of which types of NFTs in each game are trending and how NFTs in each game are valued.  

This is also the first time that Hawku will be getting the community directly involved in the curation of the platform. Per game categories will be created and managed by a selected group of players in that game’s community.  These people will be chosen either by the game creators, Hawku or the game community at large.

Getting the community to directly manage pages on Hawku is a new experiment for us and one we are excited about. We will be iterating on this and other ways to bring more governance of the Hawku game pages to the game’s active community.

If you would like to recommend a curator for a game, please publicly tag Bryce Hawku CM (Bryce SangudoStables#7989) in the appropriate game’s Discord with your recommendation.

Happy Shopping!