Hawku & Crypto Unicorns - The Flippening Party!

Hawku & Crypto Unicorns - The Flippening Party!

Hawku is excited to announce that it is now the preferred marketplace for Crypto Unicorns! To celebrate this milestone, Hawku is offering a giveaway challenge to the CU community, as part of the effort to encourage them to use Hawku as their marketplace for all things Crypto Unicorns.   This is a 2 Week Challenge to reach a "Flippening" of more 10% total listings on Hawku than Opensea.

What's Being Given Away?

8 Crypto Unicorns (including double / triple Mythics and a 2000+ stat Unicorn), 1 Shadowcorn and 25 Mythical Lootboxes (thanks to Laguna Games!) will be given away to members of the CU community who have listed on Hawku during the event based on a random draw during the using the rules below.   You can see the current list of prizes HERE

When will the prize be given away?

The Flippening and sweepstakes is a special event that will occur when Hawku has 10% more listings on its marketplace than on OS for combined Unicorns, Shadowcorns and Land.  This number will be checked frequently and updates will be given in the Crypto Unicorns Discord.

TIME SENSITIVE: The challenge lasts for two weeks only (until 5/21/2023 at 5PM PST).  No prizes will be awarded if the flippening does not happen before that time.

How Entries Are Scored

Standard Entry

* Wallets will get 1 entry for each active listing of a Unicorn, Shadowcorn or Land on Hawku  (CU NFTs) at the time of the Flippening.

Bonus Entry

  • Early Adopter Bonus!  Any Listing on Hawku within 48 hours of this announcement (by 5/9/2023 5PM PST) will be considered as a bonus entry.
  • Liquidity Bonus:  5 Bonus Entries will be given to the three closest listings to the floor each Stat Category  at the time of the Flippening.
  • Sale Bonus:  5 Bonus entries are given for any sale that happens between now and the Flippening where the sale price is within 90% of the Stat Category floor.  Wash trades are not included.  This is limited to one entry per token_id.
  • Participants can also get a bonus entry by tweeting their my-items page with their listings and the hashtag #HawkuFlippeningParty.

Prizes will be awarded based on a snapshot taken at the Flippening moment. The sweepstakes will take place 24 hours after the event, and winners will be picked live and/or announced via tweet. Join the celebration and enter the giveaways for a chance to win exciting prizes!

Please note: Hawku reserves the right to tweak these rules to keep the promotion fair (i.e. to remove exploits etc.).  Our goal is to encourage a vibrant and realistically priced set of listings and build excitement for the CU community and we are trying our best to build a promotion that matches that goal.