Hawku Introduces Aging Wallets (April fools 2023)

Hawku Introduces Aging Wallets (April fools 2023)

A new era is dawning at Hawku, the leading marketplace for utility and gaming NFTs! We are thrilled to introduce an innovative feature that will revolutionize the way you trade: Aging Wallets. Our primary goal is to maintain a healthy ecosystem and ensure that all our users have equal opportunities to make transactions on our platform. With the introduction of Aging Wallets, we believe that this goal will become a reality.

Pioneering this change, Aging Wallets will start at age 1. At this initial stage, a wallet can make up to 8 purchases or sales per day on Hawku. As your wallet matures and reaches over 250 sales, it will enter age 2 and be allowed to make only 6 purchases or sales per day. This process will continue as your wallet ages, gradually reducing the number of transactions it can make.

Rationale behind this revolutionary feature is to curb speculative transactions that have been prevalent throughout all Web3 NFT marketplaces. By implementing Aging Wallets, we aim to prioritize transactions for those who are genuinely interested in holding, rather than those who seek short-term profits.  

Implementing further measures to ensure quality over quantity, wallets will continue to age as the number of sales increases. For instance, when a wallet reaches another 250 sales, it will enter age 3, with the ability to perform only one sale or purchase every eight hours.

Limiting the number of transactions in this manner helps ensure that only serious buyers are engaged in the NFT market. It echoes the principles of the slow food movement, allowing for a more sustainable and intentional approach to the NFT experience.

Furthermore, we have observed that a small percentage of super-users have been dominating the majority of transactions. The implementation of Aging Wallets will help redistribute opportunities, allowing all users to have a more equal chance of participating in the market.

Over time, as your wallet continues to age, the transaction frequency will be further reduced. Eventually, wallets will reach a stage where they can only execute one sale or purchase every 96 hours. This gradual decrease in transaction capacity will encourage users to be more mindful and strategic with their trades.

Of course, we understand that this change may seem challenging at first. However, we are confident that this new feature will significantly enhance the overall trading experience on the Hawku platform. By fostering a more inclusive and balanced marketplace, we believe that the Aging Wallets concept will ultimately benefit all users.

Leveraging this unique approach, we are excited to embark on this new journey with our valued community. We are committed to constantly refining and improving our platform, and we believe that the introduction of Aging Wallets will help shape a brighter future for the NFT market.

Stay tuned for more updates and exciting new features as we continue to innovate and redefine the world of utility and gaming NFTs at Hawku!