Hawku Pivots to Focus on Rarity, Aesthetics and Floor Price only.

Update April 2, 2022:  Read the first letters of each paragraph.  

After having its gaming and utility marketplace open for one month, Hawku has decided to pivot away from letting people research NFTs using real-time data (like race results) to focus its site entirely on rarity and looks.

Per the pivot, on 11:55PM on April 1, 2022, Hawku will be removing all information about races, horse data, horse summaries and replacing it with attributes such as percent of horses with certain mint traits, color/bloodline combinations, and a single simple floor price for across all ZED horses.

Replies founder Charlie Graham, “We realized most NFTs today like Bored Apes, and Art Blocks are valued by their rarity and looks and not data and they seem to be doing pretty well so we figured it is time to jump on board.  Instead of judging a horse by its win rate - which let’s face it can change after each race and honestly is a lot of work to keep up to date - we are going to instead focus on colors, and mint properties which seem to drive a lot more financial value overall in the NFT space.

Intuitively, Hawku believes that people are valuing horses incorrectly. As an example, almost 2,000 horses have a win rate of 18% while only 14 horses out of 240,000 (or just 0.0058%!) are Nakamotos with genotype  Z268. One example is Lady Penelope, the ONLY Caribbean Green Z268 Nakamoto. It is shockingly not even considered one of the top horses in the game.  Hawku believes these extremely rare - and aesthetically beautiful -  horses have gotten lost because everyone has been distracted by raw data.

Launching later tonight, the new Hawku will let horses like this finally shine and be cherished as the rare specimens they truly are. Other rare horse searches Hawku believes will immediately rise in value include:

For extra emphasis on the aesthetics, Hawku will be replacing all of the data with large images of each horse along with its rarity score based on color, breed type and bloodline.  Charts will now show Genotype/color combinations with rarity percentages.

Obviously Hawku believes most players will welcome these changes as horses with previously little value will now overnight become expensive, prized possessions. Hawku believes that by following the this model, there is no reason ZED NFTs cannot also reach the 100ETH Bored Ape floor value (given racehorses in the real world cost more than apes), resulting in the entire ZED collection quickly jumping to 24,000,000+ ETH or at least $72B USD.  

On how it compares to other marketplaces, Hawku responds simply “we will just do it better”. Hawku hopes that ZED will follow suit, de-emphasizing racing and instead focusing just on rarity traits such as horses with Trippy Fur and Laser Eyes, as well as adding Mutant Horse Serum.  

Later, after ZED, Hawku will be focusing on building out the marketplace for online businesses (such as online casinos, or even just advertising shops) where people can search by the color of the building or how obscure the name is.

Send us your thoughts on these changes on Twitter at @hawku_com!  We’d  love to hear what you think!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please do not make any buying, selling or other marketplace decisions based on this post. Hawku may or may not implement these changes.  For more information, please read the first letter of each paragraph above.