Welcome Rebel Bots to Hawku Marketplace!

Hawku is excited to add Rebel Bots @REBEL_BOTS to The Hawku Marketplace.

Backed by gaming giants including Ubisoft and Animoca Brands, Xoil Wars is the first game which will be released under the Rebel Bots gaming universe. It is a play to earn sci-fi card battle game where players can build Fighting Bot NFTs and compete in single or multiplayer games for valuable resources. Hawku brings its ability to add analytical and performance metric based data to assets in the Rebel Bots Xoil Wars game.

Starting today players can purchase Xoilium land - which is an NFT required to play the game and serves as your player base. Each land is part of one of 10,000 kingdoms and each Kingdom has between 10-26 lands and players, allowing players to combine forces to compete for Kingdom leaderboard prizes. Players can also earn from PVP, PVE, building and selling Fighting Bot NFTs, and winning individual leaderboard prizes

Once the game launches (est Q4 2022), Xoil Wars! players will be able to use the Hawku marketplace and analytics to research, filter, bid and buy and sell fighting bots and parts using both mint and real-time information they need for success!

As a pre-launch promotion, the owners of a Xoil Wars  Land NFT will be given 3 FREE Fighting Bots before game launch.

To get started and be eligible for 3 free fighting bots, purchase at least one land on Hawku at https://www.hawku.com/v2/c/rebel-bots/xoilium-lands?selected_tab=listings&sorter=price_low_high.  

About Rebel Bots
Xoil Wars is a card strategy battle game set on planet Xoilium where  players will be able to battle, progress and earn in either single player or multiplayer modes. Players will be able to unite around extra-terrestrial kingdoms, build their army of fighting robots and compete with other players for the valuable Xoil resource.

Xoil Wars is the first gaming title in the Rebel Bots universe. The game will be a play to earn card battle game launched on both mobile and web using Unity.

Lands are your player base and allow you to play the game while Fighting Bots are your in-game NFTs you use to play, battle and earn. They can be built and minted and traded on the e Polygon network when you collect enough parts and other game resources.

Rebel Bots  founders and core team members of 25+ people have had decades of experience designing, developing and delivering social games for companies including Gameloft, Playtika, Tencent and Youda Games  Rebel Bots has received over $4M in funding from world class gaming investors including Animoca Brands, Ubisoft, Overwolf, Maker’s Fund and Remagine Ventures!

About Hawku

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