Hawku’s Affiliate Program and Zed Creator Fee


  • Hawku is teaming up with ZED to add an affiliate program that lets community tools and content creators monetize their hard work.
  • We are excited to announce that Know Your Horses (KYH) is Hawku’s first affiliate partner.
  • Hawku is committed to helping the entire gaming ecosystem thrive - including the creators, the players, and the tool and content providers
  • Fee Change: On Friday May 6, 2022 Hawku will be adding a 2% royalty to ZED for ZED-based NFTs.  ZED and Hawku have collaborated to reduce ZED’s previous royalty match Hawku’s reduced 2% fee to make the total fee 4%.
  • Part of this royalty (and part of marketplace fee) will go to support the affiliates.

Announcing Hawku’s Affiliate Program!

Hawku and ZED believe very strongly that a strong ecosystem of tools is critical to the success of the ZED community and that we need to find ways to give those tools the resources they need to continue producing great tools and content.

As a result, we have teamed up with ZED to provide tools and content sites approved by ZED and Hawku with a way to monetize their hard work.  Approved sites and properties who follow the guidelines of the affiliate agreement will be able to link to Hawku and receive up to 50% of the Marketplace fee for listings and bids made as a direct result of their link.

The affiliate program is currently being alpha-tested with our first tools site, KYH.  If you buy or list on Hawku via KYH, KYH will now get a portion of the proceeds! KYH has played an integral role in the ZED community helping people research and race horses.  We are excited to work with KYH in this new capacity!

We will shortly be providing other information and an application process for other content and tools providers.  Stay tuned!

Hawku Enabling Creator Fee

On May 6, 2022 (estimated ~9AM PDT) Hawku will be appending a 2% creator royalty to ZED for transactions involving ZED-based NFTs.  

Existing listings are not affected.  The royalty will be added to listings (and accepted bids) listed after May 6, 2022.  

The creator fee provides revenue to games like ZED to help pay for continued development of their platform and prizes as well as help fund the Hawku Marketplace Affiliate Program.

Creator royalties are commonplace across pretty much all marketplaces (LooksRare, Opensea, Magic Eden, etc…) and we are happy to join other marketplaces in helping support creators.

Hawku believes gaming ecosystems thrive long-term when all parties (players, tools, game-makers, content creators) can financially benefit.  Offering ZED the opportunity to take a royalty helps fund game development and rewards and operations and keep the game alive and thriving.

If you have any questions, please let us know!