Hawku Announces Marketplace Transition to Seaport 1.5

Hawku Announces Marketplace Transition to Seaport 1.5

Hawku is proud to announce a significant milestone in its journey to offer an unparalleled experience for its gaming and utility NFT marketplace. Over the coming weeks Hawku will be transitioning from its current 0x contract to the highly versatile Seaport 1.5. This strategic move is aimed at delivering an improved and seamless trading and transaction experience to our users.

Our existing 0x marketplace contract has been instrumental in helping us achieve remarkable success, with over 100,000 transactions and up to 10,000 ETH in transactions. However, as we continue to evolve and expand, it is essential to leverage new technology and tools to stay ahead of the curve.

The transition to Seaport 1.5 brings several exciting benefits to Hawku and its users.

  • Players can now list and buy NFTs using Native currencies like MATIC, enabling smoother transactions.
  • This change will eventually allow new functionalities like bulk listings with one signature, bulk transfers and bulk buying, enhancing the trading experience.
  • The move to seaport will allow Hawku to support multiple chains, such as ETH Mainnet and Arbitrum. This multi-chain support empowers our users with more flexibility and options for their NFT transactions.

The marketplace transition will happen on a game-by-game basis. When a game has transitioned, all new listings and bids will use the Seaport contract, while existing listings and bids will continue to use the old 0x marketplace. To use the updated marketplace, users will need to re-approve their ERC20’s (WETH and other tokens) and ERC721/1155’s (NFTs) using the Hawku Restricted Seaport Conduit(Polygon address: 0xe6ee8cfcfed049b8a882ca3c7b1a6ae6491f4a87).

In the new Hawku Seaport implementation, transactions will now be performed on the client-side. Users will submit directly to the blockchain using wallet providers such as Metamask, Coinbase Wallet or WalletConnect. Moreover, the transactions users sign will be much clearer, thanks to the utilization of typed signatures.

It is important to mention that approvals will be made to a highly restricted Seaport Conduit. Hawku’s conduit is designed to be more restrictive than others in the market, ensuring that it cannot be updated to authorize new contracts to use your NFTs.  We have open-sourced this Restricted Conduit Owner Contract so other marketplaces can use it as well.

Our Seaport implementation has been thoughtfully developed to enforce affiliate, creator, and marketplace fees while allowing for gasless cancellations of orders. This innovative approach results in a more user-friendly experience.

We would like to express our gratitude to the Seaport Team for building an incredibly useful and open contract. Their code and support have been invaluable in making this transition possible. Additionally, we extend our thanks to Reservoir for their SignedZone implementation, which has greatly contributed to our progress.

The transition to Seaport 1.5 is a testament to Hawku's commitment to providing the best NFT marketplace experience for our users. With this move, we are confident in our ability to deliver even greater value and functionality to our growing community. Stay tuned for more updates on our journey to revolutionize the world of NFTs!

To Track Hawku Sales on Seaport, check for transactions on the Seaport Protocol (0x00000000000000ADc04C56Bf30aC9d3c0aAF14dC) that have a Zone Contract of 0x72810D9eE2C237Eb8878d2f58c65406c6Fb4636c on Polygon  or a payment to 0x98e0ebf3d0efcb82f0839e8a6fd3914da45dbfa8