The Red Village Buying Guide

Welcome to the Hawku Buying Guide for The Red Village (TRV)!  This guide is intended to help people new to TRV better understand what makes good champions, and what to look for when buying your first champion.

In this guide will you will learn:

  • How to utilize the stats and information on your Champion by using Hawku.
  • The types of purchases you can make in TRV. What type of champion you look for depends on why you are buying.
  • What filters and detail page stats to use when making purchases.
  • That there is no easy money way to win. You’ll need to do the work to be profitable.

What is The Red Village (TRV)?

TRV is a groundbreaking dark-fantasy Play and Earn game where Champions battle each other to see who is left standing at the end.  The game involves a combination of strategy and luck with each token having its own hidden attributes and each player choosing a fighting strategy (or “stance”)  for each fight. All minted Champions are known as Purebloods. There will only ever be 28,000 Pureblood Champions in The Red Village ecosystem. There are four Pureblood Bloodlines; these are known as Genesis (R1-R3), Mystic (R4-R6), Warlord (R7-R9), and Lionheart (R10-R12). They are the most highly prized and rarest Champions of all.  In the future, existing Champions will be able to breed new champions by “Summoning them”

Currently an owner of a champion enters it into tournaments or one-on-one battles and chooses a ‘stance’ for that battle.  Which stance your champion is good at is a hidden state as different champions are better or worse at different stances.

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What should I buy?

What you should buy all depends on how you want to play. Here are a few different strategies to look for a champion on the market:

I just want to win at all costs -> Buy a Proven Champion

While buying a proven winning champion (win rate > 45%)  is the most expensive option, you get what you pay for. Searching by win percentage, and setting filters for a minimum number of battles is your best option to get a quick list of the best of the best. If you set the minimum battles to 50 and order by win percentage you are going to see some of the best Champions who are currently listed for sale.[number_battles_min]=50&selected_tab=listings&sorter=win_avg

Now, don’t just go and buy one. You’re going to want to research its other stats as well, such as:

  • Is it profitable? By how much?
  • Does it have a big gap in Hit versus Hit received at a certain stance, indicating where you should fight it at? How about the rate it misses hits vs dodges the opponent's hits?  How often does it do special attacks or defenses?
  • And what is its preferred stance?

Open a Mystery Box - buy  an “Unblooded” Champion

An “Unblooded champion” is a champion that has yet to fight. When you buy and use an unblooded Champion, it's like opening a new pack of cards or scratching a lottery ticket.  It could be the best champion ever or could be awful.   Like unrwrapped packs of baseball cards, unblooded champions come at a premium. You can view all unblooded champions for sale at[number_battles_max]=0&selected_tab=listings&sorter=price_low_high

It’s important to know that as soon as you battle an un-blooded champion, their value will likely increase or decrease dramatically.

Find that Diamond in the rough - buy a gently fought Champion

Some people battle their champion 3-5 times and then give up when it is not a monster on the battlefield across all stances. So you may want to take a chance on a lightly battled Champion to see if maybe it just had bad luck.[number_battles_max]=5&selected_tab=listings

Find that Diamond in the rough II - buy a poorly fought Champion
A poorly fought champion is a champion that has battled more than a few times but maybe has mostly battled in the wrong stance.  These Champions will be the cheapest options available, but might result in a great way to find value. Things to look for include

  • Limited number of total fights
  • Performance differences in battle stances.
  • Has the Champion fought primarily in one stance, but is stronger in another?
  • Is there a promising looking stance with opportunities?
  • Are there stances that have not yet been tried?

If you have the time to dig into a Champion and discover favorable attributes such as promising results in a certain stance, or stances, then these types of Champions offer upside and can be obtained cheaply.

But keep in mind the vast majority of the time a poorly performing Champion is just that -a poorly performing champion (known in The Red Village as a peasant).

Understanding TRV on Hawku - Filtering Glossary

It’s important to understand the information available through Hawku when evaluating a champion, so let us take a look at the current filtering options in TRV (note, these are likely subject to change frequently as more get added, but from a baseline, it’s important to know what you’re looking at).

Initial Information

The first piece of data on a champion is its win rate. It indicates the proportion of battles won versus battles lost. It is important to remember that a standard TRV tournament involves 3 separate battles that you need to win in order to win the tournament.  

The median win rate is complicated and less than 50% given that Champions can participate in both 1v1 and  tournaments and distort win rates as most Champions end with a loss.  As of July 18 the median champion has a win rate of ~46%.

This is the average damage difference per battle. If the amount is positive, this Champion on average gives more damage than it receives.  The average champion would have a rate of 0 where they would give as much damage as they take every battle

This is the number of battles a champion has fought.

You can further explore Champions statistics by clicking the various tabs on the Champion’s dashboard.

Champion Detail Page

Our summary stats on this Champion demonstrate lots of battles fought (575), so data is likely more representative of true ability than a Champion with much fewer battles. This Champion has made it to the final round of tournaments 77 times and has won 12% of tournaments entered. Considering 8 Champions fight in a tournament, this Champions win percentage (12%) is about what you would expect suggesting an average Champion. The average net damage is basically breakeven as we saw on the original stats.

Now, consider information available in the next tab, Attack Stats.

Attack statistics breaks down information about the Champion’s in-fight performance. Are dodging more attacks than they are missing? Is the average damage they take more than they give? Do they have a high special defense rate? A high special attack rate? This information should be considered when determining the expected value of the Champion you are considering purchasing.

Financial Stats displays the amount of money paid in entrance fees as well as total money won in tournaments. Hawku plans to add a return on investment (ROI) statistic in the near future.

1v1 is a new game mode in TRV where Champions can challenge each other to a 1v1 match as opposed to the standard 8 Champion tournament format. This tab demonstrates statistics associated with only those match-ups.

Number of 1v1 Matches is total individual matches fought. This Champion has not been successful nor profitable in their 1v1 matches. They have lost both matches considering their 0.0% 1v1 Win Rate. They have also spent $89.18 in fees and have not won any money. The Number Times Swapped is a feature specific to 1v1 where Champions can fight “To the death” where the victor wins the losers Champion NFT.

Finally a look at some “Fun Stats.” Total Swings is the total number of times this Champion has attacked across all battles. Total Hits is the number of times this Champion successfully struck their opponent and caused damage. Total Damage is the amount of damage inflicted on this Champion's opponent across all battles. Max Hit Damage is the single highest attack ever recorded by this Champion. This might be a variable to consider when shopping for a Champion considering a Champion capable of inflicting great damage could be a valuable asset. If so, here is where you would look!

Here at Hawku, we value presenting data in visual and consumable fashion. That is why we love graphs! Information presented in our graphs can be vital to understanding your Champion, and Champions available on the market that you might consider purchasing.

Short and sweet. How has this Champion fared in tournaments? You the reader should correctly be under the impression that this Champion is very average considering the average number of battles (49%) and tournaments (12%) won. This graph displays the total number of times it has finished in various places across the tournaments entered.

Stance Analysis

As mentioned above, each champion has a preferred stance which is a hidden attribute that you can only figure out by battling.

We have several data points within each stance that you can review to analyze a Champion. Determine what matters to you and analyze the delta’s between things like

  • Win Rate
  • Average Hit & Average Hit Taken
  • Miss Rate & Dodge Rate
  • Special Attack Rate & Dodge Special Attack Rate

Hawku Filters for Champions

Hawku provides a lot of ways to filter for Champions.  Use the information previously outlined to determine a Champion that you wish to purchase. Go to the listings section  and choose how you wish to filter the data. What is most important to you as you search for your Champion?

Do you only want certain Genotypes (R1-R6)? Bloodlines (Genesis, Mystic)? Class (Wizard, Druid, etc.)? How about searching for a win percentage range? Or only showing those above or below a certain price?

You can dig into our Advanced filters as well if you have a specific thing you’re after. We even have a section for cosmetic filters if you’re very specific about how you want your champion to look.

That's it!

This guide attempted to outline factors to consider if you were interested in learning more about TRV and potentially purchasing a Champion. Hawku provides numerous methodologies to review various data that is captured for every Champion across every battle. We at Hawku look forward to continuing to learn more about the game with the community and are excited to provide both information about each Champion’s individual fight history as well as its cosmetic features, which might be important factors to consider for future gameplay.